SM Entertainment revealed plans of leading in protecting celebrity rights.

The Grand National Party’s committee member, Jo Moonhwan, and SM’s representative, Kim Youngmin, and SNSD held a ‘proclamation to establish the development of celebrity contracts’ on the 6th at 9AM in Room No. 128 at the Members’ Office Building. The purpose of this proclamation is to promote wholesome contracts between celebrities and their management companies, protect celebrity rights, and to improve the entertainment industry. Also, it is known that SM and committee member Jo Moonhwan discussed several times about measures that could improve the entertainment industry.

Last year, since the government audit, committee member Jo criticized the problems of the practice of contracts between celebrities and their management company as well as the invasion of a celebrity’s private life and he began to have a big interest for celebrity rights. At this, SM went through discussions with committee member Jo and drew a contract which included celebrity rights, having the company’s celebrities and trainees sign it.

Commitee member Jo Moonhwan revealed, “Through a lot of interest and hard work, the entertainment industry’s contract terms are slowly changing and improving. Through this proclamation, I hope more celebrities can find their rights and that management companies and celebrities can build mutual respect”
SM and committee member Jo Moonhwan promises continuous discussion about the establishment and various problems of contract terms in the future, in order for a quick and proper response to social and economic environment changes. It was a place to confirm the will of collaborating on the improvement of Korea’s culture industry as well as the protection of celebrity rights.

SM representative, Kim Youngmin revealed, “This proclamation provides celebrities and their management companies with a win-win situation. We’ll do our best to improve the culture industry, which causes Hanryu’s expansion, and add national value to it.

SNSD’s Sooyoung and Yuri, who participated in today’s proclamation, revealed their feelings. Sooyoung and Yuri said, “SNSD is happy to be able to participate in this exemplary proclamation. We will do our best to spread Korea’s pop culture worldwide and have it improve.”

Article by: Lee Hyunkyung
Translated by: [email protected]/forums
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