SNSD’s Seohyun, Monday Kiz, and Lee Jihye Participate in OST for “Kim Suro”

[TVReport reporter Lee Jaehoon]
SNSD’s Seohyun, Monday Kiz, and Lee Jihye have gathered under the direction of the master of drama OST’s, Lee Pilho. The reason they have gathered is to record OST songs for the MBC weekend drama, “Kim Suro”.

The drama is about the king, Kim Suro, who established a country, and his life and growth process. SNSD’s Seohyun, Monday Kiz, and Lee Jihye will be participating in the OST for Kim Suro, adding depth to the love plot and overall story of this drama.

Seohyun’s song “It’s Okay Even if it Hurts” has especially been receiving a lot of love as soon as it was released on June 25th. It is planned to have the album officially sold starting in July.

A representative of the drama team said, “Seohyun from the most popular idol group SNSD, Monday Kiz with the emotional and explosive vocals, and Lee Jihye, who has succeeded in going solo from being the main vocalist of S#arp, are all participating. I think this will lead to a high quality OST, so I’m happy.” This person also said, “I think the OST music, which naturally goes well with the actors, will help in conveying the imagery and emotions with more depth.”



Source: TV Report