[TV Daily = Choi Junyong reporter] SNSD placed 1st on the Looking Back on the First Half (of the year) K Chart.

On the 25th, from 5:45 PM, SNSD appeared on the live broadcast of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ Looking Back on the First Half (of the year), singing their 2nd album ‘Oh’ passionately, leaving a strong impression on fans.

SNSD shared their feelings, “Thank you to everyone who showed love to SNSD’s music in the first half of the year. We’d like to give the honor to our hardworking company family and fans. We’ll work even harder.”

On this day, SNSD Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon, and Sooyoung had a special stage. They wore black outfits and did a dazzling performance, attracting attention. With the members’ sexy dance and suiting arrogant gaze, they showed a fantastic stage.

The 9 members of SNSD caused the fans to cheer with their most liveliest and cutest stage yet. Also, they attracted eyes with their dazzling outfits and showed fans their ‘Cow Herding Dance’, Crane Leg Dance’, and ‘Twisted Bread Stick Dance’, showcasing the performance of a top notch girl group.

SNSD, attained their first win on an analogue music program, 7 days after coming back with their 2nd album, ‘Oh!’, on KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’. Winning 5 consecutive times on the K-Chart showed their potential. They also won 1st place for 3 consecutive weeks on SBS TV ‘Inkigayo’, attaining the triple crown glory and creating the nation’s ‘Oh!’ craze. They gained reputation as being in the lead in terms of the popularity of girl groups.

Also, the repackaged album, ‘Run Devil Run’ won 1st place on ‘Music Bank’ for 2 consecutive weeks, which was a hot issue. On the April 11th, they received the pleasure of winning 2 mutizen songs in one day on ‘Inkigayo’ and are experiencing an endless increase in popularity.

On this day, Super Junior, 2PM, SNSD, Kara, T-Ara, 2AM, 4minute, Seo Inyoung, CN Blue, After School, f(x), Secret, Hwayobi, Gummy, Lyn, and IU showcased impressive stages.

Article by: Choi Junyong [email protected]
Translated by: [email protected]/forums
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