[Sports Chosun T-News Baek Jieun reporter] SNSD has surprising popularity even in Japan.

On the 23rd, pre-sale orders for SNSD’s Japan arrival commemoration DVD ‘SNSD’s Arrival’ has begun in Japan. As soon as DVD pre-sale orders began through Japan’s biggest record company, Tower Records and HMV, it sold out, showing an explosive reaction. In particular, the DVD ranked 5th place in Tower Records’ online pre-sale order chart in an instant, attracting attention.

The DVD will be officially released on August 11th and it contains SNSD’s hit songs, ‘Gee’, ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, etc. along with 7 music videos, a special video, and a video of their activities. In particular, if one buys the limited edition DVD, they can receive a qualifying ticket to attend a 10,000-seat event on August 25th at the Ariake Colosseum in Odaiba, Tokyo.

SNSD is scheduled to have an official debut in Japan in September with a single.

Credits to: Baek Jieun [email protected]
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