Korea’s 9-member girl group, SNSD, will be releasing a DVD on August 11th. The details of the DVD, “SNSD’s Arrival ~ Japan Arrival Commemoration Disc ~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation” have been released.

This DVD will contain 7 music videos, including their Korean debut song “Into the New World”, “Girls’ Generation” and “Kissing You” from their first album, their hit song “Gee” that dominated the 2009 K-pop scene, the attention-getting song “Genie” that made everyone aware of their beautiful legs, along with “Oh!” and “Run Devil Run” from their second album. Furthermore, a special clip about the girls’ popularity in Korea called “SNSD’s Arrival” will bring the DVD to a close.

The DVD will have two editions: a regular edition and a limited edition containing a special lightstick, passholder, and ticket to their showcase concert at Ariake Coliseum on Wednesday, August 25th. This is the first time the girls’ music videos will be released onto DVD, so their fans will be waiting excitedly for it to arrive!

・“Into The New World” MV
・“Girls’ Generation” MV
・“Kissing You” MV
・“Gee” MV
・“Genie” MV
・“Oh!” MV
・“Run Devil Run” MV
*Special clip available only on this DVD

Translated by: Peach @ soshified.com

Source: Tower Records