For 1 week, starting from May 31st (Mon), the movie ‘Sorority Row’ held a survey on Nate’s homepage asking for, “The girl group that’s likely to have many secrets, like the characters in Sorority Row”. The girl group, SNSD, was chosen as 1st place for this interesting survey.

The horror movie ‘Sorority Row’ is about five friends, who gather at a graduation party for the first time in a year since the disappearance of a friend. They share secret stories about the suspicious murder case and the murder from 1 year ago.


From May 31st, the week-long survey with an interesting topic on Nate captured the attention of netizens. The survey topic was, “The girl group that’s likely to have many secrets, like the characters in Sorority Row”. Just as if they were dealing with stories of the 6 female college students who held secrets in ‘Sorority Row’, netizens showed lots of interest in this survey of which girl group that’s likely to have many secrets.

The girl group candidates were: SNSD, Wonder Girls, After School, and Kara. Among those 4 teams, SNSD was selected as 1st place with 45% of votes. Next was Wonder Girls with 35%, placing 2nd, After School was 3rd with 15%, and Kara placed 4th with 6% of votes.

Yoona, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, and Seohyun all have different beauties and distinct personalities. The 9 girls make up SNSD and have received explosive popularity along the time of their debut, receiving plenty of love as the best girl group. Not only that but SNSD is also very active in dramas, radios, and show variety programs, and they are receiving recognition for their versatile abilities. Netizens chose SNSD, the talented 9 idols, as the girl group that’s likely to have many secrets, hinting that they were curious of the girls’ secrets, as much as the female college students’ secrets in Sorority Row.


Article written by: Shin Sungah reporter
Translated by: [email protected]/forums
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Translator’s note: I omitted certain parts that were completely irrelevant to SNSD.