SNSD arrived on ‘Night Star’.

SNSD’s Sooyoung, Jessica, Sunny, and Hyoyeon appeared as guests on June 6th episode of KBS 2TV’s “Night Star” and surprised everyone.

The reason behind SNSD’s appearance was due to Onew’s invitation. Onew took the responsibility of inviting female guests because he was tardy due to his musical.

Onew’s phone call with the guest was not revealed until the very end. With SNSD’s appearance, the students who will be going to the army soon and the MCs (Shin DongYup, Yoon JongShin, Gil, Jang HangJoon, SHINee’s Onew) could not hide their excitement.

The students who participated stated, “I’m dumbfounded” and could not believe the situation.

SNSD confessed, “We just came back from a performance in Ulsan. Onew said not to be late, so we ran here” and showed their closeness.

The MCs and the guests partnered up and did blanket laundry for the elders who live alone, with the men’s bathhouse as the background.

Credit: Sosiz