SNSD’s Yoona was outraged at Kim Heechul’s grandmother outburst.

In June 6th’s episode of SBS’s “Family Outing 2”, Yoona was humiliated by not being chosen during the first decision during the on-the-spot pairing with the Wonder Girls.

Yoona believed that she would be chosen by Taecyeon, but Taecyeon chose Wonder Girls’ Yubin unexpectedly. When Yoona could not hide her disappointment, Super Junior’s Kim Heechul teased, “Yoona is Korea’s most beautiful grandmother.”

Yoona’s expression changed and pretended to do a knee kick towards Kim Heechul and made everyone laugh.

In addition, seeing Yoona’s no make-up face before bedtime, Kim Heechul complimented, “I’ve never seen anyone more beautiful than Yoona when they have no make-up on,” then added, “It’s just that she looks like a grandmother with make-up on,” and embarrassed Yoona again.

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Credit: Newsen