35,000-something volume preorders, big hit

‘Before even being released, 1,600,000,000 billion won!’

SNSD, for the first time since debut, is releasing a photobook and the sales are estimated to be around 1.6 billion won.

On the 7th, the ‘Sonyuh in Tokyo’ photobook will be officially released (The recorded amount of preorders for Sonyuh in Tokyo up until the 4th is 35,000 volumes. One photobook costs 46,000 won and the sales are estimated to be around 1.6 billion won)

In the business industry, ‘Sonyuh in Tokyo’ is SNSD’s first photobook and as the rumor that the volumes are limited spreads among fans, it is predicted that the preorders will continue on until the release. One official hinted, “We are carefully predicting with just the preorders, there will be 50,000 volumes sold” and, “By that means, the sales will be around 2.3 billion won”.

Another official said ‘Sonyuh in Tokyo’ is compiled with 354 photos as well as a 90-minute photoshoot making film DVD.

SNSD had 4 consecutive hits with last year’s ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and this year’s ‘Oh!’ and ‘Run Devil Run’, creating a ‘Soshi syndrome’ even among digital and album sales.

Article written by: Heo Minnyoung reporter
Translated by: [email protected]/forums
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