[TV Report Park Minkyung reporter] It is planned that Wonder Girls members and SNSD’s Yoona will compete against each other with their fancy dance skills and capture the attention of viewers.

Today, the 6th, on SBS’s variety show, ‘Family Outing 2’ (FO2), there will be a ‘school field trip special’ for the Wonder Girls, who weren’t able to spend time with their friends and experience being a student because they needed prepare to debut as a singer.

On this day, Wonder Girls expressed their desire to go on blind dates and FO2 members arranged impromptu blind dates for them.

Wonder Girls’ maknae (youngest) Sohee danced cutely to top singer, Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’, livening up the atmosphere. FO2 member, SNSD’s Yoona, responded with a ‘power sexy dance’, wearing an outfit that daringly showcased her waistline.

Also, Wonder Girls’ Sunye digested Joo Hyunmi’s ‘Unrequited Love’ with her lilting voice and Yeeun sang Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’ live. Yoobin digested Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ perfectly, protecting Wonder Girls’ pride.

It’s said that on this day, FO2’s male members couldn’t suppress their awe at Wonder Girls and Yoona’s dance battle. On the other hand, Sohee and Yoona’s dance battle will be shown on FO2, today, the 6th, in the afternoon.

Photo credits: TV Report DB
Article credits: Park Minkyung reporter
Translation by: Hyunjin808@soshified.com/forums
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