SNSD ‘Run Devil Run’ 1st place sweep in Taiwan-Philippines ‘Have they Become Asia’s Girl Group?’

The nation’s girl group, SNSD’s ‘Run Devil Run’ has conquered 1st place throughout various music charts in Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. So they have once again confirmed that they have a high level of popularity in Asia.

SNSD’s 2nd Repackage Album ‘Run Devil Run’ has occupied 1st place for 3 weeks consecutively (May 3rd ~ May 23rd) on Thailand’s album sales chart, B2S TOP 20. They have also occupied 1st place for 2 weeks consecutively (May 10th ~ May 23rd), through viewer’s request, on ‘Channel [V] Countdown Asian Chart’. So including Thailand, the group has had a hit parade winning streak.

Also on the 22nd, when this album was released locally in the Philippines’ through the largest music chain stores, Music On and Astroplus, SNSD has conquered the top of the respective weekly charts (May 17th ~ 23rd) as soon as it was released, and thus the group has gathered the great interests of music fans in the Philippines.

With this, SNSD’s 2nd album title song ‘Oh!’ and then ‘Run Devil Run’ has conquered various music charts in Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Philippines. They have shown themselves off as an aspect of Asia’s best girl group. Henceforth, as their active part in Asia unfolds, anticipation has greatly increased.

Source: Newsen
Translation: soshiover @