SNSD’s Taeyeon and Seohyun Casted as Voice Actors for 3D Animation

[Newsen Reporter Kim Jiyoon]

The creators of “Ice Age” have once again created a 3D animation called “Super Bad”** and have revealed a [Korean] Thanksgiving season release date. They’ve also revealed that Taeyeon and Seohyun from SNSD have been casted as voice actors.
[**The English title for the movie is actually “Despicable Me”]

The mega-hit animation, “Ice Age”, was released as a trilogy and surpassed $1.9 Billion om earnings. The Ice Age movies set a high standard with very witty scripts and vivid and unique characters, gaining positive response everyone in all age groups.


SNSD’s Taeyeon and Seohyun took the role of two of three smart and ambitious sisters Margo and Edith, who tries to change the super villain Gru to become the world’s best dad.

Taeyeon’s role, “Margo”, in the movie is similar to Taeyeon’s role as a leader in SNSD. Margo is eldest unnie who is very skillful, and she responsibly takes care of her two younger siblings. Taeyeon, who is known as a radio DJ, is skilled at voice acting and doing impersonations. She is expected to proficiently act out the voice of the smart and witty Margo.

Seohyun’s character, Edith, is the cute troublemaker and second child in the family, who unpredictably embraces Gru while fooling around. It is predicted that audiences will be able to see a playful and cute side of Seohyun, who is usually loved by male fans for her shy personality.


The extraordinarily imaginative and touching 3D animation, Super Bad, will premiere in September.

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