SNSD’s Tiffany Reveals Her Great Natural Face on FO2

[SisaSeoul] Recently on TV, Tiffany, member of popular girl group SNSD, revealed her natural, no-make-up face.

On a “Close Friends” special episode of SBS “Family Outing2”, Tiffany appeared as Taecyeon’s close friend. After washing her face, she revealed how amazing she looks naturally.

On this day, the members of FO2 and their friends removed their make-up and washed their face clean before going to sleep. It was said that when they saw Tiffany’s natural face, everybody could not help but to admire it.

It was because she looked so different from her face which usually has heavy makeup on air due to her singer activities. Her natural face showed a different, but still attractive image.

On another note, Gil showed a unique way to wash his face and his hair at the same time on the set of FO2, making the whole cast and staff burst into laughter.

You can watch their activities on May 9th at 5:20pm [KST] on SBS “Family Outing 2”.


Source: Sisa Seoul
Translation: [email protected]