“Tiffany and Taecyeon’s Relationship? The Results of the Love Triangle With Yoona…”

[Newsen Reporter Park Sehyeon]

SNSD Tiffany and 2PM Taecyeon, known to be ‘Idol Best Friends’ got caught up in a scheme.

Tiffany appeared on the May 2nd broadcast of SBS “Family Outing 2” Best Friends Special as Taecyeon’s best friend.

As Tiffany made a surprise entrance during dinner preparations, Taecyeon started to glow. To this Kim Wonhee, Noh Sahyun and other family members suspected something about the friendly atmosphere between them.

To this Tiffany responded while smiling “We were friends before we debuted” and without hesitation added “We see each other at least once every week” which grabbed everyone’s attention.

Kim Wonhee quickly appeased everyone by saying “Taecyeon is acting differently”. Tiffany responded with “He always looks that awkward” which drew laughter from everyone.

On the other hand, Taecyeon carried out a tournament that included all the women; Noh Sahyun, Kim Wonhee, Shin Bongsun, Yoona, and Tiffany. Yoona and Tiffany made it to the finals. As Taecyeon picked Yoona from the two he created an exciting atmosphere. However, Kim Heechul who was the MC for the tournament quickly brought in the old saying “You give the ugly duckling an extra piece of bread” and forcefully made Tiffany the winner.

Source: Newsen
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