SNSD Sooyoung, “Yuri’s skin mystery? moisture cream….flows out from her pillow”

[Newsen Hong Jung Won reporter]

SNSD’s Sooyoung says Yuri’s secret for her skin is moisture cream

Recently SNSD visited the filming studio for MBC’s “Section TV Celebrity Communication”

Yuri with her clean skin was making her female fans jealous and Sooyoung, who was sitting next to her revealed her secret, “Yuri loves moisture creams so much that it flows out from her pillow”

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Also, Sooyoung stated that she was Cha Seung Won’s son’s classmate and Sooyoung, Yuri and Tiffany when asked who their ideal celebrity
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Sooyoung, after revealing her status with Cha Seung Won’s son, she bragged saying, “When I was younger, I went to Cha Seung Won’s
house a lot and often try out natural DIY whitening solutions there.”

“Section TV Celebrity Communication” will be aired on the 9th

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**NOTE: When I translate, Yuri loves moisture creams so much that it flows out from her pillow, I assuming that Yuri puts on so much
moisture cream her pillow absorbed a lot of her cream and now some of the cream flows out from it.**

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