Baeksang Art Ceremony’s MC Lee Hwi Jae is a bit angry at Tiffany. After the 1st rehearsal,
the mega-pop singers SNSD stepped onto the stage and Lee Hwi Jae followed, trying to find Tiffany.

On stage Lee Hwi Jae acted as if he was waiting for Tiffany and asked her in playful manner,
“Why did you do that to my nephew? My nephew is hurt.”

Apparently, Lee Hwi Jae’s nephew visited the broadcast station the other day and saw SNSD’s Tiffany. He ran toward her with great joy. However, Tiffany who finished her broadcast, didn’t really get to greet Lee Hwi Jae’s nephew properly.

Then Lee Hwi Jae’s nephew ran back to his uncle and told him what happened. Lee Hwi Jae, after hearing his nephew’s story, got revenge on Tiffany by giving her playful scolding during rehearsal. Tiffany said in reply, “When you come next time, I’ll do better” and said goodbyes, effectively ending this small relationship problem between Lee Hwi Jae’s nephew and Tiffany.

Um Dong Jin – Intern Reporter

**Note: when I say playful manner, I mean in a joke-kind of question. Also, playful scolding isn’t a direct translation, a direct
translation would state a scolding mixed with cuteness(aegyo).

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