The videos taken from the fans in KBS “Let’s go Dream Team 2” filming stage is very popular.

On March 7th with the filming of dream team, fans were able to capture the warm and tender Jessica-Krystal sister relationship.
Netizen named “FlipFlap” took pictures of Jessica touching Krystal’s hair, sisters sitting together, messing around, and resting on
each other. Also, pictures of Jessica sitting on Krystal’s lap and sharing a Chocopie was taken, showing a very deep and warm bond
between them.

Jessica and Krystal sisters are usually called the, “Superior Sisters”, however with videos and pictures now posted on several different
community websites with the title, “The Jung Sister Pictures” it’s making the netizens envy the deep bond between the two girls.

The people who saw these clips said that, “It’s nice to see sisters have such a close relationship. Just watching makes me smile.”

**NOTE: In this phrase, the word superior was used as a direct
translation from Korean to English. However, in this phrase it can mean that the sisters are very high-class, strong and predominant.

Translator: [email protected]/forums