Seohyun-Jung Yong Hwa: Netizen’s thoughts on new “We Got Married” couple

[Edaily SPN Kim Eun Goo reporter] SNSD Seohyun and CN Blue Jung Yong Hwa will be put into MBC’s variety show “We Got Married” season 2 as a new couple.

Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa’s appearance was first seen by the netizens who saw them filming on the 15th. They were also the ones who confirmed the couple’s appearance on the show.

Seohyun who was born on June of 1991, now 18, will be married to Jung Yong Hwa who was born on June of 1989 in the imaginary-marriage TV program, “We Got Married.” The first couple to be on this season is Gain(1987, September) and JoKon(1989, August).

Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa’s marriage is perfectly legal under the korean law code 807 which states that “Anyone 18 or over can marry”.

On the other hand, the fans who heard of this news showed various reactions toward the new couple. Some fans couldn’t believe that it was happening, while other thought it had to be some other TV show that was casting the couple. Of course, some fans just didn’t want these two to be married. There were also some fans who showed positive interest in the new couple. However, some thought that since these two couples are too young, it might not be as fun or entertaining as watching other couples.

Meanwhile, Seohyun and Jung Yong Hwa will be put into, “We Got Married” with the original couples; JoKwon and Gain, Lee Sun Ho and Hwang Woo Sul.

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