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Popular female group SNSD’s track ‘Forever’ will be featured on the OST of MBC drama ‘Pasta.’

The featured track on ‘Pasta’ OST was produced by Kim Jinhwan, the same producer for the song ‘Motion’ as well as the duet-song ‘1 Year Later’ sung by SNSD’s Jessica and SHINee’s Onew. From beginning to end, ‘Forever’ is a memorable ballad track honed with poetic lyrics and grand musical scale.

According to the OST official, “SNSD were very passionate during their recording of the track for the reason that they have not previously released many ballad songs.”

The OST official added, “The sweet romantic relationship between the couple (Kong Hyojin and Lee Sungyoon) is perfectly complemented by the track ‘Forever’ and we hope that this drama will leave a deep, emotional and memorable impression on the viewers.”

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Watch ‘Forever’ OST MV:
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