Jung Yong Hwa – Seohyun, in “We Got Married” as a new couple

Two of the top celebrities have come together to be the next couple featured in the TV show, “We Got Married.”

CN Blue’ leader Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD’s youngest member Seohyun have been announced as a new couple in the, “We Got Married” TV show.

The Jung Yong Hwa the leader of CN Blue who’ve been gathering popularity with their song, “Loner” and the already popular with their new album, “Oh” SNSD’s, Seohyun will meet as a imaginary couples in the show, “We Got Married.” Due to both star’s incredible popularity, this imaginary marriage is attracting a lot of attention.

These two officially started shooting in Kyongido, Ilsan on the Feb.12 and even though the first shoot went smoothly as planned, the possibility of the two star actually becoming a actual couple due to natural attraction is becoming a big news.

Jung Yong Hwa, who was born in 1989, came on the show called, “You Are Beautiful,” and was marked by a lot of viewers. With the recent release of the song, “Loner,” and appearance on the show, “Sunday Sunday Night,” Jung Yong Hwa’s popularity sky rocketed.

Seohyun was born in 1991 is the youngest member of SNSD who’s known for her innocence and cuteness among the fans. She recently graduated from high school and is now devoting her time in performance of their new hit album, “Oh”.

The “We Got Married” episode of Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun is scheduled to next month. Until then, “We Got Married,” will show JoKwon-Gain and Lee Sung Ho-Hwang Woo Seul couples on air. Right now, “We Got Married,” is attracting attention with their hot couple, JoKwon from 2AM and Ga-In from B.E.G. who showed off their incredible charms as a couple. Furthermore, once impudent Lee Sung Ho-Hwang Woo Seul couple has now found their common ground and is attracting a lot of attention. It’s expected that once Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun is added to the show, it will boost the show’s popularity even more.

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