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Female group SNSD’s performance ‘Oh!’ followed by ‘Star Star Star’ was revealed.

Today (February 6, 2010) on MBC ‘Show! Music Core!’ (Hosted by MC’s Tiffany and Yuri), SNSD performed ‘Star Star Star’ for the first time. ‘Star Star Star’ has been receiving the same explosive popularity as ‘Oh!’ on various music charts.

SNSD’s new white concept for their performance of ‘Oh!’ has received much attention.

On this day, SNSD’s new attire during their performance of ‘Star Star Star’ received much attention. The new style introduced a white-colored [dress] concept which differed greatly from the ‘Oh!’ style. While sitting on top of fairytale-themed roof set, the members conveyed a sense of charm and innocence through the powerful emotion in their performance of ‘Star Star Star.’

When SNSD’s second complete album was released on January 28th, ‘Oh!’ and ‘Star Star Star’ have swept various realtime music charts as #1 and #2, respectively. ‘Star Star Star’ was popular for its fairytale-themed and beautiful melody that leaves a strong impression on the listeners. As a result, many fans have been curious about the stage concept for ‘Star Star Star’

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