SNSD is back with their brand new album ‘Oh!’

As if to prove SNSD’s popularity, many other girls are making videos of themselves dancing to SNSD songs.
Currently, SNSD’s ‘Oh!’ is increasingly gaining interest. A girl with a ponytail dances to SNSD’s music video.
The background is not as colourful as the locker room in SNSD’s music video,
however she has made use of cupboard doors to create the effect, and wears black shorts and a sleeveless top.
Her dancing is surprisingly quite fluid and close to the original.
It has not been long since ‘Oh!’ has been released, it is fascinating to see how quickly they replicated the dance moves.
She takes special care to emphasize her shoulder movements when doing the chorus part “Oh, Oh, Oh ~”
Viewers are leaving comments that it would have been perfect if she were wearing a cheerleading outfit.

(Video can be viewed at source link)

Translation: Just Love~! @
Source: ET News