Living Korean Legend Kim Gun Mo and popular girl group SNSD preformed together at the 2009 KBS Song Festival.

They pleased the large audience attending with perfect teamwork yesterday, on the 30th at Yeouido’s KBS hall.

Kim Gun Mo and SNSD performed Kim Gun Mo’s hit songs such as KISS, Excuse, Speed, and Wrong Encounter. Their performance was very impressive due to high level singing capability shown by Kim Gun Mo, along with the help of SNSD’s singing and dance.

Especially in Wrong Encounter, which sold 2.8 million records in Kim Gun Mo’s prime. Their harmonious performance which was accompanied by a glorious laser show impressed the audience.

Taeyeon and Yuri expressed that Kim Gun Mo is “a very good uncle who plays around a lot”, and in response Kim Gun Mo said “I was impressed by the teamwork displayed by the nine members”.

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