Yuri, on 24th through her official homepage, uploaded a greeting to the fans under the same subject with her new Album title, “Oh!”.

She said, “I am so excited that the nine girls can together say hello in one weeks time” and “I am spending my earthy time in Yoo-Ch-Ri making Bean Paste, Tofu, Kimchi, Bean Sprout, Rice Cake, etc (I am a good cook), and sometimes sleeping when I feel tired.” She continued to write, “As time permitted, I also prepared a lot of surprise gifts.”

To continue, “I can open those gifts bit by bit” and said “Dear all, have you seen the teaser of “Oh” ? Thanks to your explosive reaction to such a short video, less than 30 seconds, all of our girls cannot stay calm.”

“During a Music show, all of us, indulged in the love of music. We’re dying to go up to the stage”, and “There will be a pre-opening of the Oh cheering on the coming Monday. OOOOO, I wish many of you listen and enjoy. Wooo, I am excited.”

She continued to say, “Anyways, please trust our girls and let us run together in this hopeful year of 2010. I thank you and thank you again for your attention and encouragement”, and “It’s a bit late, but I will not forget the people who congratulate 21 year old Yuri. Thank you again. You should stay with me until Yuri becomes 221 years old, or 2221 years – Umm is it too much?”, she added.

Meanwhile, SNSD will present their second album “Oh!” on the 28th and open the first stage of “Oh!” on the 30th”. SNSD’s second album has been perfected by the participation of the top notch composers like Kenzie, E-Tribe, Hitchhiker, Yoo YS, Hwang CH, Cho EH, Lee JM, etc.

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To see a translation of the text on Yuri’s homepage wall go to [LINK]. Thanks typicalharu for the that translation ^^