[Newsen Reporter: Kim Jiyoon]

Kwon Yuri surprised everyone by revealing SNSD’s dormitory room for the first time through her personal camera.

In KBS 2TV ‘Invincible Youth’ that was aired on January 22nd, Yuri attempted to grow bean-sprouts as a punishment. While in her dorm, Yuri dressed up casually in front of the self-camera.

Yuri, who often wore rubber trousers during the show, displayed herself in a one-piece dress and revealed her sexy body-line, which became a hot topic amongst the viewers. Yuri also displayed a special affection towards her bean-sprouts by calling it ‘Kongdori.’

Accompanied by both Sooyoung and Hyoyeon, Yuri and the girls witnessed the bean-sprout’s growth and transformation. In particular, Sooyoung commented on how she really enjoys watching ‘Invincible Youth’ and “personally felt sad for T-Ara’s Hyomin”, which caused everyone to laugh.

Despite Yuri’s sincerity and affection, the bean-sprouts eventually shriveled up and began to resemble a bracken. Sunny revealed that “All the members helped grow Yuri’s bean sprouts,” and “Yuri would call home and tell us to water the bean-sprouts because she forgot to water it herself.”

Yuri commented, “the most difficult part about growing my bean-sprouts was watering it every 3 hours.”

Credit: Newsen
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