2009 was definitely “Girls’ Generation’. Three years into their debut, they won a grand prize for Golden Disk digital and won six awards at the Melon Music Award. Sweeping all awards at various ceremonies, they all said, “Last year was magical”.

“Park Kyunglim’s 300mm interview” met twice with SNSD at the end of December and this month. First interview took place on the 30th of December at year-end award ceremony. For in-depth interview, on mid-January, we met with SNSD’s Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Tiffany. They dressed up causally without make-up and met with Park Kyunglim at a cafe in Chungdamdong, Kangnam, Seoul. After they finished the interview that lasted two hours, they said, “I don’t think we were this honest before with the interviews. It feels like we’re burnt out”.

▲ Like an old couple, we have come to accept it.

-Hey Sooyoung, thank you for sending that wreath to me while I was at the musical practice room. Everybody was going crazy. They asked me if this was really from SNSD’s Sooyoung. Some people thought it was my friend Lee Sooyoung who sent them to me.

“I went to the flower shop and ordered it from there. Unnie, I’m glad you liked it”. (Sooyoung)

-I’m so busy raising my son, Minjoon. He is growing up so fast. Last week, I bought him a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) and it was kind of big for him. But when he wore it this week, it fitted him perfectly. That meant he got taller. (laughs)

“Why didn’t you bring him here. We could have taken turns to take care of him” (Sunny)

-“Soshi’s” popularity is immense. What is your thought on this?

“Whenever SNSD is mentioned on TV, it feels like another SNSD is being shown. It’s still surreal that they’re talking about us”. (Tiffany)

-As time passes, are you guys getting closer?

“We started doing secret santa. We have been together for ten years but to become even closer, we decided to play it. It’s been two weeks, but we still don’t know who our secret santa is”. (Hyoyeon)

-Still not all 9 can be close with all. There must be someone whom all of you are close to more than other members, who are they?

“Tiffany and Sooyoung goes to church together so they are close. Hyoyeon and Yoona see each other often, since they are roommates. Actually, it’s not like we are close to only one member, but instead all of us grow to be close with whoever we go around with”. (Yuri)

-At times, do you guys have conflict with another or one member annoys other members?

“It has been ten years so we know each other better than an old couple. We got over with having conflicts with each other a long time ago”. (Jessica)

▲ Drunkard male fan visiting our dorm scares us the most

-I know you guys moved but you know how we lived in the same apartment complex? Yesterday, a drunken man, who looked like he was in his late 30’s, was looking for your dorm in front of the entrance. I was done for the day around 1:00 AM and I was on my way home. I told him you guys moved away but he didn’t believe me.

“That apartment had some security issues. One time, couple of guys were waiting for us by the stairs. We got goose bumps”. (Sooyoung)

-It would be safer for the all members to go home together. With individual activities, you guys go home at different times. It must be really dangerous.

“One time, a stubborn male fan visited us and said, “I just got here in Seoul but I have no money to go back home”. Our manager gave him some money and sent him home”. (Tiffany)

-Yea that apartment was scary. The light in the hallway didn’t work. When Lee Sooyoung first visited me, the hallway was so dark that she couldn’t find the elevator. She ended up using the stairs. She was upset, “Kyunglim must not be doing well after she got married”. Shabby and dark is the perfect description for that apartment”. (All laughs)

“We used to call it ‘Sicily 2km’. So many different people visited our dorm and they left a memo on our front door with a marker”. (Yuri)

-Man. Maknae Seohyun is so special. She steam cooked three sweet potatoes and brought them. She gave it to me as a housewarming present. Usually, people would bring toilet papers, candles, or fruit baskets. What a mature young kid. Such a warm kid.

“Every morning, she blends Ma (plant) and eats them. She steam cooks sweet potatoes and eats them. In our dorm, we call her, ‘A house wife’ “. (Hyoyeon)

▲ When we watch TV and see ourselves in it, we ask ourselves, “Where did they come from?”

-Last year, girl group thrived. Excluding f(x), which girl group interested you the most?

“We really liked 4min and Kara’s butt dance. So we danced to their songs. Tiffany is an expert in boy groups rather than girl groups. You should ask her about it. For solo male singer, we really like K.Will’s 2nd album; we always take turn to listen to his music”. (Sooyoung)

-Which group do you guys think poses a threat to SNSD?

“We are not exactly sure. But we get nervous whenever we see other groups working hard”. (Seohyun)

-What is SNSD’s strength?

“Team work and drive. If we see a member doing something wrong, we point out their mistake. When we watch TV and see ourselves on screen, we ask ourselves, ‘Where did they come from? How did the staff managed to bring out the best of us?’ I think producers are great. Heh, I kind of went overboard, right? (Sooyoung)

-Who is the prettiest member?

“We thought Seohyun was the prettiest. But lately she ate so much sweet potatoes that her face slowly became yellow. (everyone laughs) I think Yoona is the prettiest, while Seohyun is best for her feminine, lovely side”. (Sooyoung)

-In terms of looks, which members’ look became more refined?

(With one voice) “Of course it’s Yuri! She was always pretty and her fashion style changed a lot. Her fashion became more fashionable. For Sooyoung and Hyoyeon, since their trainee days, they had their own distinct fashion style”. (Tiffany)

-During your trainee days, did you guys used to dislike certain members?

“Of course we did. There were many conflicts and critical moments. Those who couldn’t persevere, they ended up leaving before we debuted. You would think that Sooyoung is “A sergeant” because she emits a strong vibe. Rather, she is soft. When it comes to leadership, it’s Hyoyeon. She manages circumstances very well”. (Sunny)

To be continued in part 2…

Written by: Kim Sungeui @[email protected]
Translated by: cathode @soshified.com/forums
Edited by: sneezes @soshified.com/forums