SNSD’s member Jessica left cynical/humorous replies to her fans questions.

On an internet fan portal site, netizens asked questions to Jessica and tried to get humorous responses. One fan said “Jessica noona, please play with me”, and Jessica replied “Learn how to play by yourself please”.

Another fan said “Jessica noona, there will soon be a hole in my sock. The threads are coming apart.” and Jessica left a reply saying “Go buy yourself some socks”.

Other than these responses, there were also “My sister bothers me. Please scold her for me”, and Jessica replied “Good job sister, Fighting”, while another netizen said “wow ur English is great” and Sica replied “I’ll scold you”. With that reply, she made many netizens laugh. (*note ‘ur’ was written like that in the comment)

In response to Jessica’s responses, netizens said “I never knew Jessica’s humour level was this high” “Jessica is for sure the most JJang Soshi member” (note JJang = best) “I also want to get a cynical response from Jessica”.

Source: [LINK]
Special thanks to taengbear for the spots ^^