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College students who finished taking their college entrance exams chose SNSD’s Yoona because they desired their faces to be like Yoona’s egg-shaped face. So SNSD’s Yoona got first place for “A beautiful star with an egg-shaped face”

Wonjin Plastic Surgery conducted a survey with 293 female soon-to-be college students. The question was, “Among the celebrities with egg-shaped faces, which celebrity has a face that you want yours to look similar to?” 197 students (67.2%) chose SNSD’s Yoona and she got the first place.

“Even though Yoona is an idol star, she can act and whatever she wears, her style looks great. On top of that, she has an egg-shaped face that gives off a vibe of an innocent, friendly image,” said Park Wonjin, the president of Wonjin Plastic Surgery.

Park Wonjin continued, “These days, women with egg-shaped faces or slightly bulged foreheads are popular, instead of women with distinct facial features. In order to make their faces shaped like Yoona’s egg-shaped face, there have been patients who have received surgeries for mouth protrusions and surgeries on their chins.”


Written by: Hwang [email protected] [Original]
Translated by : cathode