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The script wrote “커피 교환권” (coffee vouchers) as “코피 교환권” (nose vouchers) which made Taeng laughed.

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(Cap from radio message page)

SNSD’s leader Taeyeon is receiving criticisms for her outburst of laughter during a live broadcasting of her radio program while reading a letter from a listener.

On the 4th, Taeyeon started laughing uncontrollably while reading a letter from a listener which stated, “My younger brother has failed the test for college. Please give him strength” in her MBC FM radio show “Taeyeon’s Chin Han Chin Gu”

Right after the radio session, there were varying comments on the radio homepage saying things like, “Does she not realize how hard the test is?”, “She should apologize to the person of the letter”, “She has a unique laughter” and “Laughing at the letter was a bit too much”

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I had to get this translated asap when I got heads up about it because I dont want you guys to get the wrong information/impression about Taeyeon from the other sites. I believe the kid has her own reason why she was laughing at it. I had not heard the broadcast from yesterday so I don’t really know if there are something funny about it (whether in the letter or before the reading of the story). While there are gonna be antis all over to bash on our kid leader, I believe she probably is just trying to loosen up the mood and cheer the person up. We all know how awesome her laugh is, Y/Y?

Thanks David for putting up with my rush request for the translation. I hope you are not late for school… ):

//edit, Just so you guys know, she had been laughing the whole night in chinchin, not just during the letter. She’s going on a laughing campaign -0-

Quoting bossa’s post:

[quote name=’bossa747′ post=’1605816′ date=’Jan 5 2010, 07:59 PM’]The whole situation was like this:

Taeyeon was reading a letter for free coffee gift from Chinchin. The writer wrote it to encourage her younger brother since he failed teacher qualification even though he studied like 2 years. But from the beginning Taeyeon tried to stop laughing in vain. TY bursted into LOL and couldn’t even continue MCing. Well… even after that she was all laughing like she’s out of mind.

Since it was 100% mistake she couldn’t handle, she apologized like 3 times.

The problem got bigger when this notorious Kukinews reporter Cho Hyunwoo covered it. He’s been maliciously writing bad things about SNSD and he didn’t miss it today. It’s pretty obvious that TY made a mistake. But Kukinews’ report makes you think Taeyeon’s such an ill-mannered girl who dare to laugh at someone’s bad luck.[/quote]