SNSD’s Taeyeon and new girl group Rainbow’s NoEul (Sunset)
are long time elementary school friends.

On the 11th of December in Taeyeon’s ‘ChinChin’ she expressed her affection for NoEul.

“I had an inseparable buddy from 5th grade,” “she and I were always on the same wavelength,
even our slightly dumbfoundedness is the same. But above all things she liked singing as much as I did.”

“We went to the same secondary school and worked hard in each of our classes
but she suddenly changed schools. By chance I met her on the streets of Seoul.
We frequently contacted each other after practice,
but with our busy schedules we couldn’t as much as we wanted.”

“But now I’m able to see her often, and I can invite her as a guest to my broadcast.”
“Hey NoEul, congratulations on your debut, it’s great to see you again.
You’re as pretty as ever. Come play at ‘Chin Chin!'”

Source: Break News
Translation: Just Love~! @