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2009. 12. 5.
SNSD’s black pearl, happy birthday to Yuri!

Yuri’s bright smile brightens up our hearts too~

SNSD’s international fan site, soshified.com
Kwon Yuri Daum Cafe, Elegance
Kwon Yuri fan site, Kwon Yuri No. 125
SNSD Daum Cafe, Hwa Soo Eun Hwa
Chinese SNSD fan site, SnsdChina

SNSD fans from the above sites,
to celebrate Yuri’s birthday, support Seoul YMCA’s youth shelter.
Please protect this youth shelter that is experiencing a suspension of workers and the lack of support.
[Support inquiries] http://shelter.ymca.co.kr (02) 3142 – 1318
Woori Bank 010-265303-13-003 Seoul Christian Youth Support Foundation

SNSD fans published a newspaper advertisement for Yuri’s birthday on December 5th.

Within the article, the fans put a picture and said, “Yuri’s bright smile brightens up our hearts too”, sending their congratulations and love. Also in this advertisement they appealed, “With the suspension of aid and the lack of supporters, there are teenagers suffering hardships. Please help and protect these youth shelters.”

These youth shelters are for teenagers who have experienced domestic abuse or other extreme lifestyles and have ran away from their families. They are given basic necessities and are taken care of. Through a consultation program, teenagers are able to return to their families and society.

This past June, for SNSD member Seohyun’s birthday, fans donated to a youth shelter. The youth shelter is experiencing a suspension of government workers and a lack of assistance, and is on the verge of being closed down. After hearing this, the fans participated in campaigns in order to raise funds and save the shelter.

One fan who participated in the campaign said, “This YMCA shelter looks after a lot of female teenagers and if it disappears, these female students will definitely be exposed to criminal acts.” and “It would be nice if the shelter could be saved by the fans’ strengths.”

In this campaign, the international fan site, soshified.com, donated millions of won which has made SNSD, who is about to do an Asia Tour, realize that they have international popularity and interest.

Five SNSD fan sites: Hwa Soo Eun Hwa, Elegance, Kwon Yuri No. 125, Chinese fan site – SnsdChina, and international fan site – soshified.com, participated in this birthday celebration newspaper advertisement. For every SNSD members’ birthdays, fans publish newspaper advertisements and send their congratulatory birthday messages.

Picture credits to SNSD’s Daum Fan Cafe, Hwa Soo Eun Hwa
Written by Lee Mihye @ newsen.com
Translated by Hyunjin808@soshified.com/forums
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