A lot of commotion had been raised about SNSD being unable to participate in the ‘MAMA’ awards.
However, SNSD and Super Junior have been confirmed to take part in the ‘Melon Music Awards.’

‘Melon Music Awards’ have mentioned, “many fans will be happy to have SNSD and Super Junior take part.”

The awards will consist of 15 categories, including: ‘2009 Artist’, ‘2009 Album’, ‘2009 Song’ and ‘2009 New Artist.’

‘Melon Music Awards’ is sponsored by LOEN Entertainment, Inc., Cable Comedy TV, Dramax and Y Star.

The ‘Melon Music Awards’ ceremony will open on the 16th of December at 7pm in the Seoul Olympic Park, Olympic hall.

Source: SPN eDaily
Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified.com/forums