SNSD’s winter holiday Samyang Ramyun CF was an instant hit
the moment it was broadcasted.

From the 1st of December the new Samyang Ramyun CF shows a wonderful ‘Winter Holiday’
concept with the hills covered in snow, and SNSD having a great time.

Like the previous CF they used the addicting ‘Boggle Boggle’ (Boiling Boiling) song
and lively dancing to upgrade the CF.

As SNSD were recording in the cold weather they relied on hot packs to keep warm,
but in front of the camera they showed their bright and enthusiastic smiles,
showing their professional work ethic.

Samyang’s marketing team leader Seo JinWoo said “as we casted SNSD to be the models,
we are getting positive appeals from teens as well as from middle aged and elderly audiences.
SNSD’s innocent image and the clean and clear background will hopefully create a
synergy effect for our second campaign with SNSD.”

Source: Review Star
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