On November 29th at Seoul, YongSanGoo, a fundraising bazaar was held at the Grand Hyatt hotel.

Many people celebrated the 20th anniversary of opening the
‘Convention on the Rights of the Child.’ SNSD opened a concert,
and also donated many items such as signed CDs, bags and hats.

The UN secretary-general personally prepared a congratulatory video message
and sent items for the charity auction. Also Jung MongJoon, the representative of Hannara party (govt.),
Jung SaeKyoon of the Minjoo party, Park KeunHye, previous representative of the Hannara party,
Jun JaeHee of the ministry of health and welfare, Lee KiSoo CEO,
of the University of Korea and HanYoungShil, CEO of SookMyoung Girls University
all sent encouraging messages and items for the auction.

Also, Won HeeRyong, the top member of the Hannara committee, Kim MoonSoo member of the KyunKiDo retinue,
Park KwangTae mayor of KwangJoo city, Kim DukRyong special adviser to the President
and many other governemnt officials, Jang DaeHwan CEO of MK, Kang HeeRak director of the police department,
Lee SoonChun director of IFANS (Institute of Foreign Affairs and National Security), Lee LeeJae
CEO of MIRECO (Mine Reclamation Corp.), Hyun DongHoon director of SDM, totalling to around 100 officials donated for charity.

Also UNICEF’s ambassador of public relations, actor Ahn SungKi and UNICEF’s special representative,
Korean star Lee ByungHun, Won Bin also donated their personal assets.

Vocal artist LinSoon donated women’s formal clothing,
Jang YoonJung shoes and ear rings, actor Ha JiWon handbag, singer BaDa bracelet,
actor Jung JunHo mens formal wear, Lee YoungBum a full set of golf clubs,
LimHo clothes, Lee KyungJin womens’ wear, Shing DongHo announcer formal wear,
Kim ByungChan announcer bag, Han Sukjoon announcer sunglasses,
jewelry designer Park YoungSook amethyst necklace and sculptor Byun SoonKyung donated a sculpture.

Source: Poli News
Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified.com/forums