Comedian Kim Sook exposes the truth about Sunny.

On ‘Star Golden Bell’ to air on the 28th of November,
Sunny was picked as the ‘Number 1 Self Conscious Idol.’
At this Kim Sook said “I know about Sunny’s true nature”

“I’ve been on ‘2 Days 1 Night’ with Sunny, after a night’s sleep almost everyone didn’t have makeup on,
however Sunny had her makeup on perfectly.” “I was so surprised, I asked
‘Sunny, when did you wake up to put on your makeup so perfectly?'”

“Sunny repied back ‘Unnie what are you talking about? I didn’t wash my face,
I’m just putting more on top of it.” The studio exploded in laughter.

Star Golden Bell is to air on the November 28th, 5:15pm.

Source: Newsen
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