On November 21st, she uploaded an image of her instant transportation
onto the official website of MBC FM4U ‘Taeyeon’s Chinhan Chingoo.’

In the concept of ‘high school horror’ she took eight consecutive pictures
and made a flash file out of it. Her expressionless face first frightens the audience
but lastly shows her queer smile.

Taeyeon kindly reminded, “Is there no one to hold onto while you’re cold?
Were your exams results not as good as you expected?
Annoyed that you are on a night shift again? Come and listen to ‘Taeyeon’s Chin Chin'”

Many viewers of the photo commented “Aww, she’s so cute.
Taeyeon swept all of my sorrow, troubles and irritation away”,
“I want to play teleport with Taeyeon as well!”

Source: Newsen
Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified.com/forums