On ‘Strong Heart’ aired on November 16th, actor Seo JiSeok claimed
“I’ve prepared something for a lady sitting here today”
and confessed his feelings to Jessica surprising everyone.

He picked out Jessica saying “I’ve kept her in my heart since I was in military service.”
“One of the men showed us a picture of SNSD, the only one could I see was Jessica.”

“I was only a private, so I stole a slight glimpse at the picture, her lips were nothing like I’d ever seen.
She wasn’t pretending to have pretty lips, but she made a feisty pouting look,
I couldn’t express what I just had seen. Whether I was a private or whatever, I took the photo and ran.”

At this Jessica shyly replied “I knew about Seo JiSeok quite well,
I’ve seen a drama where he is casted together with Goo HyeSun.
I told my mother ‘look at that man, I want to marry someone like him.'”
They both confessed their positive emotions openly.

Seo JiSeok gave Jessica lip-gloss as a gift. Seo JiSeok shocked the audience saying
“I’ve always liked this smell, and it’s the sweetest kind of smell I’ve ever used.”
On this episode, Jessica presented her ‘3 cute expressions set’ filling the recording studio with love.

Source: Newsen
Translation: Just Love~! @ Soshified.com/forums