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(Translated SNSD-related section)

SNSD’s Sunny was surprised from the unexpected presentation of her middle shool graduation photo.

Sunny, who appeared on the recent recording of SBS ‘Kang Shimjang’, was startled by the unexpected presentation of her middle school graduation photo. She immediately made an attempt to conceal the photo but ended up making a large crushing sound as she crumpled the photo in half, which led the studio into an explosion of laughter.

On this recording of ‘Kang Shimjang’ (hosted by Kang Hodong and Lee Seunggi), special guest appearances include: Jung Joo Ri, Super Junior’s Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk, Boom, SNSD’s Sunny and Yuri, Nancy Lang, Kim Na Yung, Seo In Gook, Park Dool Sun, Son Dam Bi, Brian, Kim Young Chul, Kim Hyo Jin, Cho Dong Hyuk, Jubi Train, Lim Hyeong Jun, Park Sang Wook, and Kim Tae Woo.

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Translation: Glucose @ Soshified.com/forums

By popular demand, here [s]are some more (clearer) pictures of Sunny[/s] is a clearer picture of Sunny shown on the left:

Credit: NewsHanKuk

Edit: My bad. The picture on the right is a middle school photo of Ga-in from BEG, not Sunny!