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SNSD member, Yoona had attended the 26th Dae Jong Film Festival as a award presenter.

Together with actor Kim InKwon (김인권), Yoona had presented an award at the 26th DaeJong Film Festival on the 6th of November, 8:50PM.

Before the award is announced, Kim InKwon said “Every guy in Korea is a fan of SNSD” and “My 2 daughters at home are both SNSD’s fans”. Yoona’s response was “I can’t imagine that. I just know of this (regarding the 2 sentences KIK said).”

Translated: [email protected]
Source: Yahoo Korea

Note: Apparently they talked more than w/e this article has, but I didn’t search for more. There’ll prolly be subs later for this cut. They had some funny exchange later ’bout Yoona and some melodrama role. Iuno cus I haven’t dl the cut.