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8ight’s member, Baek Chan(백찬) made his radio DJ debut and had said that SNSD’s Taeyeon had been his “teacher and sunbae”.

On the 2nd, Baek Chan had expressed his gratitude to Taeyeon on his radio show on iTVFM which runs from 10pm-12am.

Baek Chan said “I had learnt a lot from Taeyeon’s radio program” and “She is my teacher in DJing. I am really lucky and grateful that my radio timing does not clash with hers”.

Taeyeon had responded to this by saying that “It doesn’t feel right to be called as a sunbae in this” and “Baek Chan is an awesome rapper, and he speaks really well, therefore he doesn’t have to worry about DJing.”

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Translated: [email protected]
Source: Today Korea

Note: Taeyeon’s ChinHanChinGu is on everyday on mbc radio from 8-10PM KST. Links to listen/watch it can be found in the Soshified calendar.
Note: Taeyeon say it doesn’t feel right probably because there are more veteran DJs out there. However, I think that Taeng’s DJing is like awesome and she got real good ratings for her show. ^^