The auction date for SNSD’s personal collectibles is nearing.

From 23rd October, SNSD’s outfits from ‘Chocolate Love’ MV had been put up for auction. The proceeds from this auction will go to helping needy children around the world.

SNSD’s auction had brought in much interest because the member’s individual popularity will be especially evident in the bidding. Currently, Yoona is leading with 8060,000 Won (~USD$8060) offered, with Tiffany in the 2nd with 7000,000 Won (~USD$7000). Taeyeon, who is popular among the male fans had not fared as well as what everyone believed. Taeyeon came in 3rd, behind Yoona and Tiffany with 6440,000Won (~USD$6400).

The skyrocketing prices for SNSD’s lead to concerns by many. The prices increase rapidly at the start as the fans of individual members were actively bidding to “prove each member’s popularity”, making it difficult for the winner to pay the high price when the bidding ends.

-omit non SNSD parts-

Source: Chosun

Note: The auction ended.

For those who are curious, I checked the final bidding price.
For the dress SNSD wore, the prices are as followed (from most to least):
Yoona: 8,061,000
Tiffany: 7,010,000
Taeyeon: 6,470,000
Jessica: 5,981,000
Seohyun: 2,370,000
Yuri: 1,701,000
Sunny: 1,481,000
Sooyoung: 718,000
Hyoyeon: 621,000

For the 2 piece white outfit:
Jessica: 3,120,000
Tiffany: 2,700,000
Yuri: 2,190,000
Taeyeon: 1,730,000
Yoona: 1,540,000
Sunny: 1,260,000
Seohyun: 1,213,000
Sooyoung: 666,000
Hyoyeon: 420,000