[SNSD’s Seohyun becomes a reporter for a day Part 4] A look at SNSD from Maknae’s perspective

You have many questions about the SNSD members, right? I will tell you some behind the scenes stories about my unnies. For today, I will be a news reporter. I always wanted to write a special article about them, but I am afraid that the unnies might scold me when I go home for writing such an article. Nevertheless, I will still share with you some stories about them. Alright, I am now about to disclose the SNSD members’ private lives.

First off is our team’s leader, Taeyeon unnie; also known as Taengoo. Just like what you would expect from a lead vocalist, you will never cease to hear her singing even in the dorm. Unlike her playful image, she is actually very reserved and calm. She is really good at organizing things, taking it one step at a time.

Yuri unnie is a ‘Health Supremacist'(meaning she is obsecesed over being healthy). She never forgets eating meals and always eats at the right time. Same goes for me as well. I can’t function without having a breakfast so if I don’t have the time, then I try to eat something like sweet potatoes. Be wary of this, and don’t forget to eat at the right times if you want a slim body!

Sooyoung unnie is the type that leads the group. For instance, if all of us were late for something, then she would summon us for an impromptu meeting and say, “Hey everyone, come here for a small talk!” Then she would cheer everyone up by saying, ?Hwaiting!?

Don’t you think Yoona unnie seems like a stingy fellow? No way. In fact, she is very easygoing. On another note, when the team’s mood is down, she would show her aegyo to lighten up the mood. The thing is, her type of aegyo is “easygoing-cute-aegyo”. You couldn’t picture it, huh?

Honestly, I was afraid of Jessica unnie when I first met her. As you all know, her nickname is the ?Ice Princess?. But I just call her Jessica unnie. During our trainee days, when I first met her, I couldn’t muster up the courage to even talk to her. The other members told me the same thing. But once you get to know her, she is an extremely affectionate person. Lately, she’s been very excited about her musical. Ooh, I envy her~ By the way, I really like Ock Juhyun unnie. She started out as a member of an idol group… And now she is performing as a musical actress. She is a well-rounded star. If I were to become a news reporter, I would interview her…

The way Tiffany unnie thinks… She is very mature. Her sense of responsibility is strong as well. There are many things to learn from her. Sunny unnie is the same, whether she is on TV or in person. She is gifted with words. I don’t understand how she can say anything that makes everyone laugh.

On the contrary, Hyoyeon unnie is different on TV. She is the team’s mood maker. As you all know, she is really good at dancing. Since she has the ability to manipulate her dancing moves freely… that is how she entertains people. Aigoo~ You should do that when you are on TV. Seriously, in front of the camera, her body like, freezes.

In our dorm, there is this ahjumma who helps us out with our living. When she doesn’t come to our dorm, we do everything; such as washing our own cups. That is our dorm rule. Now you ask, who cooks for us? Don’t worry about that. All the members are crazy over cooking, so it’s very chaotic as they fight over who will cook. Unfortunately, everyone’s cooking ethic is very experimental. There was this one time where we made too much food so we had a lot of leftovers, and ended up throwing them away.

Our members have a strong sense of humour. They have this mindset that they need to be entertaining to people; so they use their spare time to play with each other and talk so loud… My gosh, it’s hectic. All the impersonations you have seen them do on variety shows… Honestly, that’s really how they play with each other. Alright then, if there is another opportunity, I will continue this.

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Written by Seohyun!!!
Translated by cathode@soshified.com/forums
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