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So Nyuh Shi Dae fans have planned a special event for Hyoyeon’s Birthday.

Funds from fans on So Nyuh Shi Dae’s fan cafe, Hwasueunhwa, international site Soshified, and Chinese fansite SnsdChina – on the 22[sup]nd[/sup] of September, which is So Nyuh Shi Dae member Hyoyeon’s birthday – were collected (5,000,000 won) and donated to a food market located in Incheon, Kyeyang-gu.

The fans, who have been donating and participating in community service during each member’s birthday, took into consideration that Hyoyeon hails from Incheon and decided to donate to a facility in that area. The food market is a facility that distributes basic foodstuffs to families in need.

Park Jongsook, who runs the food market, “The House that Opens Tomorrow,” stated that, “the donations from So Nyuh Shi Dae fans will be able to help support around 300 families for 6 months. Since Chuseok is approaching soon, these donations will definitely allow the families in need to have a happier holiday,” and thanked the fans that donated on Hyoyeon’s behalf.

The fans then participated in community services around Incheon where they cleaned the houses of elderly individuals living alone. The fans also drew attention by putting up an advertisement in a daily newspaper wishing Hyoyeon a happy birthday.

Credit: aseo @ http://soshified.com
Source: Newsen Yoon Hyunjin