[09.16.09] SNSD, “the fanclub’s power is the best” amongst idol groups

Netizens have chosen So Nyuh Shi Dae for having the fanclub with the strongest “power”. “Power” in this case is used to describe the positive activeness of a fanclub.

The community portal site, dcinside.com, conducted a survey from the 8th to the 15th with the subject, “What idol group fanclub do you think has the strongest power?” So Nyuh Shi Dae’s fanclub, SONE, took the first place.

From a total of 6,527 votes, the fanclub SONE got 1,888 votes (28.9%) and is doing great in its roles as reliable supporters for So Nyuh Shi Dae since last year. As much as SNSD is enjoying popularity by a variety of united generations, there are also extreme anti-fans, and needless to say SONE is trying to keep them in check. Whenever criticism came up, SONE showed an uncommon “power” by actively clearing the issue. Recently, when So Nyuh Shi Dae was accused of plagiarism in their song, “Tell Me Your Wish”, their fanclub checked it directly with the person in charge and even proved that the singer was the one who plagarized SNSD’s song.


Source: Break News
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