Recently, Park Hyoshin, a singer, sang together with the SNSD’s leader Taeyeon; he has complimented her, despite the ongoing controversy over her ability to sing.

On 13th, Park Hyoshin has posted a message on his mini-homepage, “It has been long time since I was on stage, I liked it”
“On top of that, I had a chance to be on stage with my hoobae(younger), I’m also her fan, so it was very enjoyable. At the same time, since I was sick, I was unable to deliver the best performance to you; so I would like to apologize to you.

He continued, “Among your opinions about our duet ‘Snow Flower’, which we sang for the Seoul Drama Awards, I have found some distressing comments. Even though you might have different thought about our duet, please listen to what I have to say”.

According to Park Hyoshin, since ‘Snow Flower’ is his solo song, it was a challenging task for Hyoshin and Taeyeon to decide which parts to sing, while they were practicing. Also, he added that the man’s range of voice is different than the woman’s range of voice, and the song itself had wide range of pitch. As a result, it wasn’t easy for both to be satisfied with their duet.

Park Hyoshin said, “I saw some people comparing Taeyeon with Nakashima Mika, the original singer for ‘Snow Flower’…this is a different situation”.

He complimented Taeyeon saying, “As you know, for Taeyeon’s age, her ability to sing is mature and has the emotion when she sings. I also follow up on Taeyeon through her radio shows and on TV.

“At her age, it is difficult to have the kind of emotion Taeyeon has when she sings. In fact, it is even harder to express that emotion…She shows another side of her, when she is with other SNSD members. Taeyeon’s hard work and tears she had shed, while pursuing her dreams, has allowed her to be a faultless singer. I would like to say that I look at her as my sunbae(senior) and my fellow singer”.

“Among many idol groups, I think Taeyeon’s existence is very important. Moreover, for those who have criticized Taeyeon because you care about her and would like to see her improve as a singer, I hope you will enjoy listening to Taeyeon’s voice and cherish these moments with her. This is fans’ and my part.

On a ending note, he said, “It was first time for me to post a message and talk about such things…I wasn’t going to post this message up because I thought I would be presumptuous. However, I decided to post it up anyway, hoping no one will be hurt and feel depressed regarding this matter.


Written by Gil Haesung
Translated by [email protected]/forums