[Newsen Reporter – Park Saeyeon]

SNSD’s Sunny acted a scene from the movie ‘Titanic’ on a heavy extra-large excavator.

In the most recent recording session of SBS ‘Surprising Tournament StarKing’, Sunny presented a romantic and dizzy love scene along with a male dancer on the hand of a 7-meter excavator.

After finishing with the risky performance, Sunny commented she enjoyed it. “I’ve presented my dance, my singing and my talents in every kind of variety programs but this is the first time in my life that I do a show in the air, standing on a excavator.”

In particular, the 3-ton extra-large excavator caused a mobilization by imitating a person’s hand, pouring wine and cutting a cake to SNSD. It also caught attention by giving a special supper as a present.

SNSD, who finished their 2nd Mini-Album promotions, toasted with each other with the poured wine by the excavator and enjoyed their ‘Last Supper’ gracefully. The show will be broadcasted on the 12th, 6:30PM.

Park Seoyeon [email protected]
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Translated by jek_093@Soshified

Note: ‘Last Supper’ – reference to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting