[Newsen Reporter: Park Saeyon]

SNSD’s Yuri transformed into a mesmerizing tango dancer.

In the recent recording of SBS ‘Incredible Competition Star King,’ Yuri surprised everyone by transforming into a sensual Argentinian tango dancer.

With fancy footwork supplemented by 100% live music, Yuri was able to represent Argentina and it’s original tango fever. Argentina is famously known as the home of tango dancing.

Wearing a sparkling black one-piece dress, Yuri seemed to emanate a more earnest look while she tangoed with a professional dancer. The two received tremendous applause as they danced in synchrony with no mistakes.

The young professional dancer even complimented Yuri and called her ‘the most beautiful senorita (miss) of Korea’s best girl group’ after having the opportunity to dance with her on stage.

Yuri’s gorgeous transformation that mesmerized even the original tango team will be revealed in the broadcasting of SBS ‘Star King’ on September 12 at 6:40PM.

Reporter: Park Saeyon, [email protected]
Source: Newsen
Translation: [email protected]/forums