[Newsen Reporter: Lee Unhyuk]

The audience was curious of why only eight out of nine members walked up on stage.

A 10th anniversary special of KBS 2TV ‘Gag Concert’ was aired on the 6th of September. The ‘No Voice’ corner was performed by comedians Lee Soogun, Ryoo Dam, and Byun Kisso, as well as former members of the skit, including Yoo Jaesuk, Noh Hongchul, and Jung Hyungdon.

The “nation’s girl-group” SNSD appeared on as guests for the ‘No Voice’ corner. The members went up on stage and sang the [comical] ‘No Voice’ version of ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ and ‘Girls’ Generation.’

SNSD members appeared on stage with the absence of Taeyeon. She was not able to attend because of her live radio show called MBC FM4U ‘Chin Chin Radio.’

A number of special guests appeared on the 10th anniversary episode of ‘Gag Concert’ including Kang Booja, Kim Mihwa, Yoo Jaesuk, Noh Hongchul, Nam Hueesuk, Shin Dongyup, and Jo Hyeryeon.

Reporter: Lee Unhyuk, [email protected]
Source: Newsen
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