New singer and Goong star Kim Jung Hoon is enjoying a vacation for his 100th day in the military by meeting with his family and friends and looking over the production of his 1st solo album.

Prior to his vacation, he stated, “I cannot believe it has already been 100 days” and, “I’ve realized the importance of family and fans” during a phone phone call with his friends. He also said that, “Ever since I’ve ented the military, I have started liking SNSD’s Taeyeon.”

Related sources revealed, “He didn’t have any interest in female entertainers in the past but that changed when he entered the military”. They also stated, “Kim Jung Hoon was overjoyed after SNSD autographed his CD. He thanked the SNSD girls for writing a lengthy message to him.”

He received the “best soldier award” after finishing with an excellent record on standard military training. He is currently on post guarding the North Korea border line GOP* in Kangwondeo Chulwon.

With the release of his 1st solo album on September 1st, he met his Korean fans after his UN* activities for the first time in 3 1/2 years.

source: newsen

* for those that don’t know GOP (Ground Observer Post) is an observation post, temporary or fixed, position from which soldiers can watch enemy movements, to warn of approaching soldiers.

* No, not United nations. xD Kim Jung-hoon was originally a member of male pop duo UN since 2000 before acting in Goong