[TV Daily Reporter: Choi Joonyong]

As a member of the popular female group ‘Girls Generation,’ the secret behind Tiffany’s eye-smile has been revealed.

In the recording of MBC ‘Good Day,’ which was broadcasted on September 1st, the special secret behind SNSD member Tiffany’s eye-smile was revealed.

MBC ‘Good Day’ revealed that Tiffany’s eye-smile, which is widely known as her strongest charm, stands out vividly due to her ‘aegyo-skin’ located below her eyes.

In regards to the effectiveness of the ‘aegyo-skin,’ a specialist stated, “There are two special features of the ‘aegyo-skin.’ First and foremost,
the eyes of an individual with an ‘aegyo-skin’ looks very soft, which leaves a gentle impression on the face. Secondly, the ‘aegyo-skin’ makes an individual’s eyes look much bigger and ultimately results in a fresh and soft feel.”

The specialist continued, “This is primarily the reason why a large number of individuals wishes to have the ‘aegyo-skin’–to have Tiffany’s eye-smile.”

This broadcast is attracting much audience interest for featuring a segment called ‘There is something special about the features of celebrities,’ which closely analyzes the various features of celebrities.

Reporter: Choi Joonyong, issue@tvdaily.co.kr
Source: Nate News
Translation: Glucose@soshified.com/forums